How Does The Cash Discount Program Work?

Merchants can wipe out credit and debit fees by creating a service fee on all products and services, allowing a discount if a customer pays cash. Cash Discount saves businesses money, but only if setup correctly!

  • Eliminate fees
  • No hidden costs
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Free terminals available
  • Contactless payment options
  • Keep customers coming back

You should be getting the Free Ride, not your Processor.

Free Ride Payments is a new service providing merchants with a pathway to utilize the cash discount program that works for clients and their customers, and offers a one-stop, full-service approach that includes implementation and compliance.

Accept credit cards for your business, not high fees!

Free Ride Payments approaches cash discount with a comprehensive, 360-degree approach that's designed to help business owners without taking advantage of customers.

Other Cash Discount Programs

Service fee:

Processor takes 2.2% to cover costs of processing

Sales rep & processor profit: 1.7%

Based on $100k/month the sales rep makes $1,700/month on your customers!

Free Ride Payments Program

Service fee: 2.89%*

Processor takes 2.2% to cover costs of processing

Sales rep & processor profit: 0.69%

Keep your customer happy with lower service fees!

*Based on average ticket and business type

Keep 100%
of your sales!

Free Ride Payments eliminates the cost of high credit card processing fees for businesses through a Cash Discount Program, without the headaches and excessive fees of other programs. Apply a small fee to each transaction and offer a discount to customers paying with cash. Free Ride Payments will set you up, make sure you are compliant, and eliminate fees without losing customers to high fees.

Cash Discount

Pay less in fees for accepting cash and debit cards.

Lower Fees

Free Ride Payments charges less, so your business earns more.

Proper Setup

Our experts will make sure your POS machines are installed with the proper calibrations, and your staff trained on how to use them.


Legal compliance is a cornerstone of the cash discount program, and we’ll walk you through what you need to do.

Why choose Free Ride Payments?

Free Ride Payments beats the competition every time with honest, reliable setup and helps ELIMINATE the cost to accept credit cards! We offer a one-stop service for businesses to sign up for the cash discount program at a lower cost, plus implementation and compliance. Free Ride Payments ensures your business is setup properly which is particularly of value to retailers and restaurateurs, where much of the overhead comes from credit-card processing fees.